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Early Bird Deadline: October 17, 2014
Final Deadline: November 28, 2014

Readers' Choice Awards

Don't miss out on the best PR available for your products
Enter the Readers' Choice Awards today! and Live Sound International will showcase your outstanding products and technologies to over 296,000* Audio Professionals in the 6th annual Readers' Choice Awards program. Last year over 9,000 votes were cast and 23 winners were named.

With our new easy-to-use submission form and one-page ballot, participation should more than double this year. Don't miss out on this exposure.

Entry Benefits Include:

Readers will vote on products via a proprietary web based voting system designed to accurately present and tally the vote for all categories in the awards program. Voters will have approximatly 1 month in which to vote. In the case of ties, multiple awards will be presented.

Any product currently available for sale. See product categories here.

At least two awards are presented per category based on the aggregated voting of the industry including readers of and Live Sound International. Editors reserve the right to present additional awards for ties. Voting will begin on December 8th and end on January 8th. (Every effort will be made to have a one vote per person per category process.)

To enter, you will need:

To view an example, click here


* Publisher's Own Data. No effort has been made to eliminate duplicates from the total audience and this figure is, on the whole, publisher's own data.

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